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Smart home tech at CES 2014: Join us for a great debate

It's early years for connected home technology, and this is when the fun happens. Join our panel of industry thinkers as we debate new standards and imagine the future of the smart house.

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Once upon a time, home theater stories dominated CES. For years, TVs, TVs, and more TVs made the biggest headlines at the show. But times change, and while you'll find giant 4K televisions and curved OLEDs littering the show floor this year, we're expecting new topics to bubble up. Car tech and wearables will make waves, and so will a new breed of in-home technology that extends far beyond the living room.

Some smart home devices -- connected light bulbs and thinking thermostats, for example -- have made their way into homes already. But this year, these early pioneers will usher in a full-blown movement. By the end of 2014, a dizzying array of connected home devices will enter the fray, communicating across the Internet and your home network from every room in the house.

The road to the connected home is paved with dreams of seamless automation. But in many ways, the companies on the vanguard of this movement are still working on drawing the map. Detours and potholes lie ahead on the way to major breakthroughs in the way our houses work with our devices, and big questions loom: How will your connected refrigerator and your connected light bulbs talk to each other? Should they? Should the interface for the connected home always be the cell phone?

Matt Rogers of Nest will be joining our panel. Nest

We've gathered some of the industry's smartest thinkers on the topic to debate these questions and share their visions of the connected home, and we hope you'll join us for that conversation.

This panel features GE Home & Business Solutions Manager John Ouseph; Nest co-founder and VP of Engineering Matt Rogers; Revolv co-founder and Head of Marketing Mike Soucie; Philips' Head of Technology, Connected Lighting George Yianni; Belkin Director of Product Management Ohad Zeira, and CNET Executive Editor Rich Brown, who oversees our team of smart home and appliances reviewers in Louisville, KY. I'll be moderating, and I can't wait.

The panel kicks off at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, January 8, in room N261 of the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. (You'll need a badge to get in, but don't worry: If you're not at the show, you can watch the session in a video we'll post later.) If you're interested in the extremely fast-paced new world of the smart home and have questions you'd like me to ask this panel, please bring them up in the comments below or tweet to me (@lturrentine) with the hashtag #CNETSmartHome.

The Quirky Egg Minder is just one sky's-the-limit example of smart home tech. Colin West McDonald/CNET