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Smart Home

Martha Stewart has a Big Ass Fan

The domestic lifestyle guru gave the Haiku smart ceiling fan her stamp of approval after installing a pair of them in her upstate New York farm.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Martha Stewart's farm in Bedford, New York.

You can add smart ceiling fans to Martha Stewart's long-running list of "good things."

Specifically, it's the Haiku H Series smart ceiling fan from Lexington, Kentucky-based manufacturer Big Ass Solutions -- the same smart ceiling fans we installed in the CNET Smart Home. The celebrity lifestyle guru picked a pair of them for her farm in Bedford, New York, then blogged about the installation process, complete with high praise for the fancy fans' luxury looks and smart features.

A representative from the Haiku Home division of Big Ass Solutions didn't immediately respond to questions about whether or not this is a paid endorsement. Either way, it's just another sign that high-end smart-home tech is inching its way into the mainstream.

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