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Smallest and lightest laptop, sort of

Evesham's claim applies to notebooks with optical drives

Even though we rail against tiny products that defy common sense, we still like small laptops (we're an enigma). So we naturally clicked on Pocket-lint's headline trumpeting a "smallest and lightest" notebook from U.K.-based Evesham.

Light Book laptop
Evesham Technology

The dimensions are certainly small enough for a laptop with 12.1-inch screen: It measures about 11 by 9.4 inches and 1.4 inches thick. But the "Light Book" tips the scales at more than 2.6 pounds--not tubby, but certainly nowhere near as light as Sony's recently announced laptop under 2 pounds.

The reason for Evesham's claim, as Pocket-light points out, is one adjective: "optical." It says the Light Book is the first laptop of its size with an optical drive. That's great, but we don't know if people who want small laptops are also lusting after optical drives. It does, however, have finger-print identification, which we think would be a more attractive feature to the thin 007 crowd.