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Small wind: Mariah Power lands cash for spire-shaped turbine

Wind power for the home is getting more interest as Mariah Power gathers funding for ground-mounted vertical-axis turbines.

Mariah Power said on Wednesday that it has raised additional funding to bring its small wind turbine to market.

The company said it has secured $500,000 in funding from venture capital firm Big Sky Partners. As part of the investment, Michael Schwab of Big Sky Partners will join Mariah Power's board.

Mariah Power's vertical-axis wind turbine called the Windspire. Mariah Power

Mariah Power, based in Reno, Nev., makes a ground-mounted vertical-axis wind turbine that is designed for people's homes or businesses. It's expected to be available later this month for about $4,000.

Company Mike Hess told Greentech Media that its forthcoming spire-shaped Windspire turbine can generate one third of the home's electricity use.

The business of building wind farms with giant turbines is booming. But the world of small wind is getting more attention.

Marquiss Wind Power in January raised a Series A round to build up its square-shaped turbine meant for placement on top of the flat roofs of commercial buildings.

Southwest Wind Power, which raised a series B round of $6.5 million last year, makes a ground-mounted propeller-type turbine for individual homes or business.