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Small ISP blocks RIAA access

In a move that's part publicity stunt, part protest, a tiny Internet service provider said it will block the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) from accessing its network. Fanwood, N.J.-based Information Wave Technologies said it was taking the action in response to RIAA plans to break into individual computers to track down pirated works. IWT also said it would try to fight RIAA "abuse" by putting bogus files on sites such as Gnutella and then watching which computers connect to the network and try to disrupt it. IWT said it would then block those machines--probably entertainment industry computers--from using its network.

IWT said it wasn't trying to hamper the RIAA's anti-piracy efforts but was safeguarding its customers' data "from hackers or corporate espionage hidden by the veil of RIAA copyright enforcement."