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Small-business technology conference

Small-business technology conference

Just found out there's a small-business technology conference planned for next month in New York, and at $99, it's not as break-the-bank expensive as some of these things. It's being run in part by Ramon Ray, master of, which we like to pluck from, and will have speakers from some innovative companies such as Skype, which ultimately is a competitor to another company there, Verizon, and will also have a few small-biz bloggers and entrepreneurs.

It also plans to address the use of technology, how to set up a small-business Web site, and other bits. (Of course, after reading all of our Best Practices, you'll be able to be on a panel at the conference, but what the heck: doesn't hurt to tell you where you can meet a few people in the flesh who are as interested in small business as you. You can also meet them online in the CNET forums area.)