Smackdown: Cell phone vs. PC


Sam Ruby is no stranger to controversy, and he proved that again in comments yesterday at a Silicon Valley conference.


When the history books on technology are written, the influential IBM veteran said, the mobile phone may be more significant than the PC. In a talk titled "Teenagers on the Go" at the New Paradigms for Using Computers gathering, Ruby also predicted that instant messaging will surpass the Web as society's preferred method of digital communication.

It's not entirely clear to us whether Ruby's remarks were meant to be taken literally or were intentionally exaggerated to provoke discussion. If it was the latter, Ruby certainly accomplished his goal.

Blog community response:

"The thing is, I think, the Cell phone is just part of the natural progression of the PC, and extension of it. So if the cell phone is the greatest invention then so is the PC. It is that simple."
--Showngo's Mind

"The PC has killed dozen's of businesses, jobs and paradigms--albeit often by replacing them with new businesses. The cell phone is a minor blip in the road of progress. It's a silly supposition to suggest otherwise!"
--markdoiron on's TalkBack

"So the question is, what are we teaching our children here? There is a fine line between enough and too much technology."
--Ubiquitous Thoughts

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