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Slowest Madison Itanium to run at 1.3GHz

The slowest of Intel's upcoming "Madison" generation of Itanium 2 processors will run at 1.3GHz, sources close to the company said Tuesday. This version of the processor will come with 3MB of high-speed cache memory. Intel is scheduled to formally debut the new Madison collection June 30, but declined to comment for this story.

In the past, Intel has said higher-end versions of Madison will run at 1.5Ghz and come with 6MB of cache--thus the name Itanium 2 6M. The "McKinley" generation of Itaniums, currently being shipped, have as much as 3MB of cache and are called Itanium 2 3M. Intel will distinguish the 3MB Madison from the 3MB McKinley by appending the 1.3GHz clock speed to the end of the new chip's name, according to a source familiar with the plan.