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Slow down, dad! Hot-rod baby carriage can reach 50 mph

Gearhead parents everywhere will be lusting after a British inventor's outrageously fast baby carriage, known as the Megapram.

Colin Furze shows off his Megapram. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

British inventor Colin Furze's 1-month-old son may have to wait til he's old enough to drive before he really gets to ride in his own baby carriage. Furze set his mind to creating the world's fastest pram, and it looks like he is likely to succeed.

According to the Daily Mail, the three-wheeled baby carriage is outfitted with a 125cc motorbike engine. It took four weeks and more than $700 to put the speed demon machine together.

Furze had to go through several challenges to get the pram up to speed. Skateboard wheels melted at speed. Casters vibrated fiercely. He finally got working wheels by using parts from a mobility scooter.

You're probably wondering if Furze's baby has had a chance to take the pram for a spin. The kid has lounged in the built-in bed at a standstill, but he won't be going along for any actual test drives.

The 10-horse-power Megapram is not street legal, but Furze was able to test it on a private road. To earn the record of world's fastest pram, the inventor needs to top 30 mph, but he expects to reach 50 mph. He'll be going for the Guinness World Record on October 14.

(Via Daily Mail)