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Slow cooker offers help at the table

The Emeril by T-fal 6-qt Slow Cooker is designed to be easy to use. A hinged lid allows condensation to drip back into the vessel.

No need to look for a place to set down the lid.
No need to look for a place to set down the lid.

Food and social gatherings make one of those great combinations that are just simply meant to go together. Perhaps more so than with any other event, potlucks capture the spirit of sharing food and good times; personal favorites or family recipes are brought to the party to share with others who are doing the same thing. Ubiquitous at such get-togethers is the slow cooker.

Slow cookers aren't complicated gadgets, yet they have some confounding aspects attached to their use. For example, many a partygoer has puzzled over just where to set the lid while serving the cooker's contents. Condensation tends to settle underneath the lid, ensuring that wherever it is placed, a ring of moisture will be left behind. Compound the situation with a party full of hungry people and it's easy to see that the nice, clean serving table will soon be a soggy mess.

Not necessarily so with the Emeril by T-fal 6-qt Slow Cooker. Featuring a hinged lid that channels condensation back into the cooking vessel, the slow cooker solves one common conundrum regarding the popular devices. Not stopping there, the appliance also features a heating boost, maintaining the cooking temperature by ramping up the heat when the lid is opened. At parties and potlucks, this slow cooker could be a welcome guest.