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Watch an iMac meet its slow-mo doom from a combustion tube

Some old computers get recycled. Some get blown to bits in a puff of fire from a honking huge combustion tube.

"Eviscerate" is the word of the day for the Slo Mo Guys.

They've turned their attention to a fiery Apple-exploding experiment for their popular YouTube channel. Purdue University in Indiana gave the Slo Mo Guys (and an unfortunate iMac) access to a combustion tube, which sounds a lot more innocent than it actually is.

The outdated iMac didn't face its doom alone. It had a keyboard and a set of speakers to keep it company. Slo Mo Guy Daniel Gruchy explains that the giant combustion tube is for testing things like flame acceleration, but the video is all about annihilating the iMac and filming the destruction in super-slow motion.

The iMac never had a chance. You can see the doomed machine sitting right at the mouth of the tube when it goes off. In regular time, it looks like an invisible force violently shoves the computer off its perch and into pieces. Slow it way down and you can witness an impressive ball of flame engulfing the Apple machine. There is a certain beauty in seeing the computer parts gracefully hanging in the air as the footage slows to a crawl.

The last time we caught up with the Slo Mo Guys, they were flinging a water-filled soccer ball around. At least this time, Gruchy didn't have to sacrifice his own face.