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Slivver adds a your credit card?

This Indiegogo project aims to put a stylus where you can always get at it: in your wallet.


There are many reasons you might find yourself in need of a stylus. Jotting notes or sketching images on a phone or tablet, for example, is much easier with a plastic tip than a big old finger. If you need to sign your name electronically, like for many an app-powered purchase these days, a stylus again wins the day. And don't forget the benefits of keeping your finger away from germ-ridden screens.

Of course, save for a few models, most phones don't come with styluses. And it's not exactly a practical item to carry in a pocket.


Or is it? Slivver is a credit-card sleeve that doubles as a stylus, thus ensuring that you'll have one of the latter nearly everywhere you go.

This is...weird. On the one hand, I'm all in favor of tricking out your wallet to do more than just carry cards and cash. On the other...a credit-card stylus?

The Slivver fits over the top or bottom edge of any credit card, effectively giving you something to grip while you scribble. Though made of plastic, it's a conductive resin that does work with touchscreens. Obviously it'll add a bit of bulk to your wallet, as it has to cover both sides of the card, but in photos, at least, it looks a fairly slim accessory. (Unfortunately, the developer neglected to provide the Slivver's dimensions.)

Available in five colors, Slivver just went live on Indiegogo, where said developer is looking to raise $24,000 in funding. A contribution of $10 nets you one Slivver in your choice of color, with shipping included if you live in the US. (Outside the US, it's $7.) You can also get two for $20, three for $30, and so on. (So much for volume discounts.)

What do you think? Is this something you could see yourself using? Or do you not find yourself wishing for a stylus often enough to justify even a little extra wallet bulk? Share your thoughts in the comments!