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SlingCatcher gets a release date, sort of

The product actually debuted at CES last year, but will go on sale sometime in the second quarter of this year Sling says.

The SlingProjector feature mirrors anything on your PC screen including streaming video CNET

LAS VEGAS--A lot has happened since we first saw Sling Media's SlingCatcher set-top box at CES 2007. Two new Slingboxes have debuted, as well as a handful of product updates from the company. Oh, and of course, the company was purchased by EchoStar for $380 million.

Watch the SlingCatcher video on CNET TV.

But this is the year, the company insists, that the long-awaited product will indeed be on sale. No specific date has been set, but the word is sometime in the second quarter. Though it originally planned to have it out in time for holiday sales, "sometimes these things take time," said Sling CEO Blake Krikorian, in a statement.

Sling Media

The SlingCatcher is a separate set-top that can be used to bring content from a Slingbox to another TV in the house, or from an external hard drive. Though it works fine on both HDTVs and standard-definition sets, connecting the SlingCatcher to the new Slingbox Pro-HD is the only way to transmit high-definition video around the home.

The SlingCatcher also lets users project Web content to a TV screen, either wired or wirelessly, through an application called SlingProjector. Navigation can be done with either the included remote or through a PC.

SlingProjector software has been updated since last we saw it. When browsing Web video on a PC, the software automatically detects windows with video and projects it to the TV screen it is connected to.

Also updated: the official price of $249.