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Slingbox sluggish on the new Sprint Mogul?

SlingPlayer Mobile has some playback issues on Sprint's new Mogul.

The new HTC 6800 (or Mogul, as Sprint has labeled it) is the updated version of the 6700. It improves over its predecessor in every way possible, but it seems there's one area of functionality that has been negatively affected--and that is SlingPlayer performance.

While SlingPlayer Mobile does work on the Mogul, it suffers from a frame stutter that ultimately leads to loss of audio sync and other annoyances. It is by no means unwatchable, but one would think that a successor to a model that handled the SlingPlayer so well would at least match that performance.

Various theories have been thrown around as to why the Mogul has difficulty with the SlingPlayer Mobile. The most popular explanation deals with complications with DirectDraw, a technology that allows for video rendering on PCs and pocket PC phones.

A thread on Sling Community's forum suggests that the company is already on top of the issue. Dave Zatz, a Sling Media employee, has been moderating the thread and last month responded to the Mogul playback issues:

We too are vexed by these reports and agree performance should at least equal what one finds on the precursor model (6700). We've made arrangements to receive a Mogul (or more) in the office shortly and our engineers will begin researching this issue. Thanks for your patience.

We'll have more on this issue as it plays out. Have a Mogul and are less than satisfied with its Sling playback? Sound off here.