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Slingbox now available for less than $200

Slingbox now available for less than $200

It's no surprise to anyone who's been shopping around for one, but we received confirmation today that the list price of one of our favorite gadgets, the Sling Media Slingbox, has officially been dropped to just $199. (The Slingbox had been widely advertised and sold at that price for the past several months, with online prices seen as low as $175.)

The Slingbox allows users to get their cable or satellite TV programming--or any other video device--on any Windows PC or Windows Mobile device with broadband Internet access. The Windows Mobile software costs $30 extra to download (a free demo is available), but beyond the cost you already pay for broadband access, there are no monthly fees associated with using the device. Read our hands-on review for the complete details--and to see a video of the Slingbox in action.