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Sling TV will bring you touchdowns -- all of the touchdowns

The live TV streaming service will include the NFL Network and NFL RedZone for the 2016 season.

Sling TV

I play a lot of fantasy football, so cutting the cord on my cable package had never really been an option. This season, though, might be different.

On Wednesday, Sling TV added the NFL Network and NFL RedZone channels to its web-based streaming service. The NFL Network will be part of the $25-per-month Blue core service package. NFL RedZone comes with the Sports Extra add-on that costs $5 more each month.

NFL Network streams Thursday night games during the season, as well as shows such as "NFL GameDay Morning" and "A Football Life." RedZone, a popular channel among fantasy football junkies like myself, shows blanket coverage of all NFL games on Sunday, switching from game to game as teams near the end zone.

Sling TV announced the additions last week. Now that the channels have launched, the price looks quite appealing.

Sling TV isn't the only streaming service with extra football this season. PlayStation Vue added the same two channels last month but said prices will be announced closer to the start of the regular football season in September.