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Sling TV offers free Amazon Fire TV stick, Roku Streaming Stick, half-price boxes

Paying $60 in advance for three months of Sling TV service earns you the right to choose from four excellent streaming devices from Roku and Amazon: free sticks or $50 boxes.

Free sticks with your $60 Sling TV commitment! David Katzmaier/CNET

Sling TV launched earlier this week with the promise of no commitments and freedom from cable TV bundling, but its latest promotion requires a commitment and bundles devices with the service.

"For a limited time," according to Sling TV's site, you can pick up a stick for free. Or you can opt for a $50 streaming box -- that's half off.

The catch? You must commit to three months of Sling TV, which starts at $60.

If you don't already own one of these devices, that's a pretty sweet deal. The Amazon offer involves the choice of a free Fire TV Stick , or a $50 Fire TV box , to people who prepay for for three months of Sling TV, which costs $60.

Not to be outdone, Roku has basically the same promotion: a free Roku Streaming Stick or a $50 Roku 3 box with three prepaid months of Sling TV.

Me, I'd take the Roku 3 deal, but all of the devices have their merits. That said, I did experience sluggish response times when I tested the Sling TV app on a Roku Streaming Stick.

While the Roku app was available at launch, the Sling TV app just launched today for Amazon Fire TV devices. We're in the process of hands-on testing, and I'll update our comprehensive Sling TV review with my impressions soon.