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Slim, stylish Kodak PlayFull 1080p minicamcorder announced

A full HD minicamcorder that's stick thin. Or is it a thin stick?


The Kodak PlayFull is pretty much a basic minicamcorder, albeit a tiny, attractive one.

It captures full HD 1080p movies and 5-megapixel stills and is loaded with Kodak's share software for quickly editing videos and sharing on sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as international sites like Yandex and KAIXIN001. There is a Share button, too, for tagging your photos and videos to upload to those sites as soon as it's connected to a computer.

The PlayFull also gets black and white, sepia, high saturation, and '70s film look capture effects; face tracking; electronic image stabilization; and on-camera editing. And despite its petite build, Kodak squeezed a flip-out USB connector in for that important direct connection to a computer.

The PlayFull will be available in silver, blue-silver, purple-silver, and blue-black for $149.95 in spring 2011.

Editors' take: With the PlayFull in the lineup, Kodak has a model for just about every type of minicamcorder user. Compared with its linemates, the PlaySport and PlayTouch, it is stripped down. It's not lacking in features for the price, though, and if the video is decent, which I expect it would be, this could be a nice option for those looking for more than what their smartphone offers in performance and battery life.