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Slide's SuperPoke is coming to VH1

The wacky social-network application will be featuring a promotion for VH1's new series "I Love Money," and in return, select SuperPokers will have their 15 seconds of fame on the TV channel.

A promo video for SuperPokeFest on VH1.

(Credit: MTV Networks)

Who said you couldn't bring the Web to TV? Slide's absurdly popular social-network application "SuperPoke" is coming to a new platform: MTV Networks' VH1, as part of a promotion for its new reality show I Love Money.

In a cross-promotional advertising deal, "actions" related to VH1's schlocky reality shows Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, and I Love New York will appear in the SuperPoke arsenal. In other words, you'll be able to post things on your friends' Facebook and MySpace profiles along the lines of "Josh has gotten romantical with Rob"--a reference to Flavor of Love--assuming the friends in question have installed SuperPoke.

'Yay! We're going to be on TV!'

But wait, there's more. SuperPoke will be invading your television. VH1 plans to hold a four-day-long "SuperPokeFest," in which 10,000 of those SuperPoke actions will be chosen via lottery and shown on-air.

Slide has had a couple of recent issues with the fact that one of its other applications, Top Friends, had a security hole in it; SuperPoke does not appear to have had such problems, so you can happily sheep-toss your way into oblivion. And if you're a chronic SuperPoker who's desperate to be chosen, fear not: VH1 has the courtesy to inform you in which time slot your SuperPoke will appear live.

Set those DVRs! The whole thing starts Wednesday! You'll be so uncool if you miss it!

At the end of the four-day Max Levchin lovefest, VH1 will premiere I Love Money, which contrary to the name is not about venture-happy Silicon Valley guys in khakis and blue button-down shirts. It's an "all-star" program featuring past contestants from Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, and I Love New York, and it gives a dozen contestants the chance to win $250,000. Which is totally small potatoes compared to Slide's reported $500 million valuation.

In other news, I'm going to go throw a sheep at whoever came up with this corny idea.