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Slide show roundup: Transformers, Eclipse AVN2210p, and Windows Home Server presents a daily roundup of the latest photos featured on Crave, the gadget blog.

We look at cool, modern Transformers toys; a GPS device that does so much, it required four CNET editors to test it; a preview build of Microsoft's Windows Home Server; and two slim phones comprise this photo roundup.

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Photos: Transformers
Transformers hits the big screen this July 4, and that means there's a whole lot of merchandising going on. Among the hordes of Transformers toys is Hasbro's Real Gear Transformers, a series of toy electronics that turn into robots. Remember Soundwave, the Transformer that became a tape deck? Well, this is the next generation of Transformers. And as a bonus, we've picked out which real electronics these toys remind us of the most.

Photos: Eclipse AVN2210p

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It took four members of the CNET Reviews team to tackle this device. An in-car GPS device and CD receiver, the AVN2210p can also be used as an iPod interface, a Bluetooth hands-free calling system, and a portable GPS device. Check out the photos of the Eclipse AVN2210p.

Photos: Windows Home Server preview

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We've spent the past few weeks playing with a preview build of Microsoft's Windows Home Server. The idea is to give anyone with a home network a robust but easy-to-use means to back up, organize, and access their data, especially media files. What we've seen so far looks like a hit. We imagine early adopters will be all over Home Server when it's released this fall. Have a peek at the photos of Windows Home Server.

Photos: Pantech DM-P205

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The Pantech DM-P205 brings the thin-phone concept to Disney Mobile. Its unique features are attractive to both parents and kids, so it actually looks like a real cell phone, and parents can control how the phone is used while kids still get Bluetooth and a camera. Learn all about the Pantech DM-P205.

Photos: Samsung Wafer (SCH-R510)

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The Samsung Wafer brings a familiar thin-phone design to Alltel. Lacking a unique front view, when you turn the phone to the side, you can see it's superslim. The Wafer offers respectable features, including a 1.3-megapixel camera, an MP3 player, an expandable memory slot, and stereo Bluetooth. See the Wafer's trim profile in our slide show.