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Slide show roundup: iPhone, Sanyo SCP-3200, General Electric G1, and BMW 335i Convertible

CNET has pictures of the iPhone, pictures taken with the iPhone, and iPhone accessories, as well as a Sanyo phone, a General Electric camera, and a hot new BMW convertible.

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It's already been a week since we eagerly anticipated the clock striking 6 p.m. for the sale of the very hyped iPhone. The speculation of what will happen is over, and by now most people are well over the hype. Some may be envious of others' iPhones, and some may be trying to sell an iPhone for a profit.

In case you haven't seen the iPhone or are interested in learning more about it, we've got a slew of galleries, as well as some pictures of the Sanyo SCP-3200, the General Electric G1 camera, and the drool-worthy 2007 BMW 335i Convertible. Check them out.

iPhone unboxing
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Photos: iPhone slide show

The Apple iPhone is here, so take a look at this much-hyped phone from all angles in our Apple iPhone photo gallery. Apple is all about attractive packaging, and it's no different with the iPhone. Take a journey with us as we give you atour of the iPhone's unboxing. We also tested the iPhone's camera by taking a variety of shots. And there's a slew of accessories for the iPhone. Though most of them are existing iPod accessories that will also work with the iPhone, there's quite a number of cases and adapters that are made especially with the iPhone in mind.

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Photos: Sanyo SCP-3200

Sanyo's latest Sprint phone offers solid performance and midrange features. An easy-to-use phone, it's available in blue, pink, or black and has a functional flip design. It will also easily fit into your pocket or purse.

Photos and image samples: General Electric G1

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Next up, we have some design and photo quality commentary on the General Electric G1 digital camera, which our editors say has the worst battery life they've seen in years.

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Photos: 2007 BMW 335i Convertible

Finally, just in time for summer road trips, we have a slide show and review of the precision-engineered 2007 BMW 335i Convertible. Aside from its hot looks, our reviewers note that the cell phone integration is amazing in this car.