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'Slick' Sony Vaios get vibrant

Sony Electronics has released a new line of ultraslim notebooks.

The Vaio C will retail for $1,350 and will be available in October in "espresso black" and "urban gray" at, Sony Style stores and other retailers. Unfortunately, for those of you hoping to match your laptop to your sheets, the "seashell white," "blush pink," and "spring green" versions won't be available until November.

Vaio Cs

With furniture catalog color names and words like "slick" and "chic," the company's PR team seems to be touting the new Vaio C as the Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton of laptops (though, presumably, the laptop is not drunk).

But don't be put off: With an Intel Core 2 Duo chip, Windows Vista compatibility and Windows Vista Premium readiness, the machine has substance.

The wireless LAN handles multiple channels. The Vaio C also has a 13.3-inch energy-saving display, a DVD player/burner and software for creating customized DVDs. In addition to USB ports, it also has slots for Memory Sticks and ExpressCards, and it comes with a memory card adapter for other cards.