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Slice dinner to a perfect thickness

If you're in charge of carving the roast, the Victorinox Precise Slice Knife just made your job a lot easier: the knife can be adjusted to slice uniform thicknesses.

The Victorinox Precise Slice Knife Victorinox Cutlery

Every time I have to carve a roast, slice some bread, or generally take a knife to any part of dinner, I wind up with pieces that vary in thickness. It seems like the Victorinox Precise Slice Knife was made with me in mind. The knife has an adjustable guide that helps you to slice just about any type of food into pieces of even thickness. You can adjust the guide from a thickness of 1/16 inch to 1/2 inch. With the Victorinox Precise Slice Knife, you can cut meat thinly enough to easily use it for sandwiches.

The Victorinox Precise Slice Knife includes a precision-stamped, high carbon, stainless steel blade with a serrated edge that will help you to easily slice everything from bread to vegetables. The blade is conically ground and goes through a special tempering process, creating a blade that will hold its razor-sharpness. The blade measures 8 1/4 inches long, with the whole knife measuring 13 3/4 inches long. You can run the knife through the dishwasher, although the maker recommends hand washing in order to extend the life of the knife. The Victorinox Precise Slice Knife is priced at $80.