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Slice, cover, and repeat with the Boska cheese board

The Boska Petit Paris Cheese Board features an integrated wire cutter. The cheese serving platter also comes with a lid.

Put a lid on it. It being the Boska Petit Paris Cheese Board.
Put a lid on it. It being the Boska Petit Paris Cheese Board. Williams-Sonoma

Sometimes delicious foods are better in smaller quantities. Be honest, when was the last time you took a big bite out of a nice, juicy onion? Probably not recently. Sure, onions are great, but generally speaking they are better when diced or sliced. Same goes for cheese.

As delicious as cheese may be, it rarely (I do say rarely) gets eaten in whole form. Perhaps those who enjoy taking a bite out of an onion as if it were an apple might also not have any compunction about biting directly into a brick of cheese. However, even those that cannot resist the call of the cheese might occasionally prefer slices at a more leisurely pace.

Enjoying cheese on its own time has its benefits. First, there are no unsightly bite marks from taking a chomp out of a brick of cheese. Second, cheese usually benefits from a serving temperature different than that of the fridge. The Boska Petit Paris Cheese Board ($69.95 in the US and £48.19 in the UK) combines cheese serving and slicing and tops it off with a lid.

The white oak board features a familiar wire cutter lever mechanism and has a footprint of 12 inches by 8.75 inches (30.5 cm by 22.2 cm). The lid rests on top, covering soft and semihard cheeses in between bites. Put it all together and it's a nice little cheese-serving contraption that offers an easy way to enjoy a bite at a time. But don't worry, there's no rule against creating exceptionally large, brick-size slices.