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Sleepycat database fuels Juniper Networks

Open-source Sleepycat hasn't gone to bed at Oracle. On the contrary, it just signed a massive deal.

And to think I believed Mike Olson and his Sleepycat team had gone to sleep in the bowels of Oracle. Not so, as this press release from Oracle attests: Juniper Networks will be integrating Sleepycat's Berkeley DB into its JUNOS software, the network operating system that powers its routers.

Sounds like a really sweet deal to me. And likely a very big one. But why Berkeley DB?

Oracle Berkeley DB is an open source, embeddable database engine which developers at ISVs, OEMs and enterprises integrate directly into their software applications, devices, and equipment. Oracle Berkeley DB provides very high performance, reliability and scalability for use cases where SQL is unnecessary overhead. Oracle Berkeley DB also offers high availability and near zero administration for unattended, continuous operation.

In other words, because it's a killer, embeddable database. Great work, Mike and team. Glad to see that you continue to write great software at Oracle. The good news is that the Sleepycat team was probably able to negotiate an even better deal under Oracle's umbrella than it could have alone. So, both open source and richly profitable source.