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Sleep tight in a hoodie that's also a travel pillow

The Hypnos hoodie sweatshirt has a built-in, inflatable pillow so you can catch some quick ZZZs anywhere you happen to be, and it's blowing past its Kickstarter goals.

The Hypnos Hoodie promises a sleek way to catch a nap on the go, and the project has blown through its Kickstarter goal.


Travel pillows often look funny or flat-out bizarre, and even the more normal ones are still one more thing you have to remember to lug along wherever you go.

But what if they were built into something you're already wearing? That's what Hypnos is going for with the Hypnos Hoodie, a hooded sweatshirt with a built-in inflatable pillow that promises a comfortable napping place on the go.

The company launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Hypnos Hoodie on November 13, and it's raised over $117,000 (about £80,000, AU$165,000) of the company's $30,000 (about £20,000, AU$42,000) initial goal, with five days left.

The hoodie comes in either a relaxed or fitted style, and each has a pullover or zip-up option so you can choose whatever fit of hoodie you want. You can pick from speckled gray, charcoal gray and black. Or, if a hoodie isn't really your style, there's also a lightweight nylon jacket variant.

The pillow itself is designed to conform to your head, and it fully inflates in three seconds with the hidden valve. It deflates pretty quickly, as well, the company says, and the pillow can be removed from the hoodie if you don't want your head resting against deflated plastic.

As you'd expect, the Kickstarter campaign has various tiers of support. For as little as $59 (about £40, AU$85), you can get your hands on the standard zip-up sweatshirt in the size and color of your choice, while the pullovers start at $69 (about £45, AU$95).

Those prices don't include shipping, which comes in at $5 for the US and $35 (about £25, AU$50) for the UK, Australia and elsewhere throughout the world. Kickstarter backers should get their orders sometime in March, provided production remains, well, zipped up.