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Sleep is the Final Frontier in this Star Trek shuttlecraft tent concept

Star Trek fan designs camping tent to look like a Federation shuttlecraft that "would be perfect for all of your away missions."

Here's hoping this concept design for a Star Trek shuttlecraft becomes a reality.

Dave Delisle

When crafty fans want something bad enough, they make it themselves and hope their favorite franchise will catch on.

In this case, fan and artist Dave Delisle thought the design of a Star Trek shuttlecraft would work well as a camping tent.

"Spring is here, so I thought it would be fun to make a geeky tent design that would be perfect for all of your away missions," Delisle wrote on his website. "I present a tent design based on the shuttlecraft from Star Trek. It's not such a far-fetched idea; 'Star Trek V' began with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy camping in the great outdoors."

This two-person tent design features an opening in the back. The tent also comes with a carrying case that can split apart to be the thrusters.

This isn't the first geek product idea Delisle designed on his blog. He also posted concept designs for a Star Trek desk, an Iron Man garage set, Ghostbusters bunk bed, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles party wagon mini fridge, Thor Hammer tool kit, Star Wars Landspeeder bed, Hogwarts Express book display, and a Star Wars bunk bed.