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Slacker Radio tunes into Twitter

A new feature on Slacker lets you automatically tweet streaming songs and artists to your Twitter timeline. Think of it as a preview for a weightier version coming later to mobile smartphone apps.

Configure Twitter integration from
Start configuring Twitter from Slacker

At the CTIA Wireless conference (see all stories) this afternoon, Slacker Radio showed off its new applications for Android, BlackBerry, and Windows phones. Unfortunately, Slacker isn't sharing a time line for those release dates. That's not to say we'll walk away empty-handed. On Wednesday, Slacker will turn on Twitter integration, so registered members can tweet songs they're listening to in real time.

Know up front that this is a limited service that Slacker will flesh out later with those updated smartphone apps they teased us with. Think of the Twitter feature as a working preview.

Tweet music on Slacker Radio
Using a new feature, tweet your tunes from Slacker Radio. Slacker

Starting tonight at 9:00 p.m. PT, a Twitter box will appear on the Community tab of (If it doesn't, wait a few minutes and try again.) After signing into Twitter, you'll be able to configure Slacker to auto-tweet any combination of the following: whenever you change or play a station, a favorite song, a banned song, or a banned artist. According to Slacker, when the Twitter integration appears on those future Slacker Radio apps, you'll be able to manually tweet any of the above from the mobile interface so you won't bludgeon your buds with your musical taste, no matter how impeccable it is. Until then, it's automatic tweeting or nothing for you.

After integrating Twitter, Slacker will look to other social networks, such as Facebook and MySpace.

While Slacker's new Twitter integration gives cell phone rockers and crooners the chance to share streaming ditties within the Slacker Radio experience, it's not the only service to tangle with Twitter. Here are six more ways to tweet your musical faves.