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Slacker Radio app gets in Sync

Fans of the music-streaming service will soon be able to listen to their favorite tunes in their Sync-enabled Ford vehicles via their smartphone.

Slacker Radio

Fans of Slacker Radio can now listen to the music-streaming service on Sync-enabled Ford vehicles.

A new AppLink app allows drivers to play, skip, and ban songs or artists without taking their hands off the wheel. AppLink is a Ford application that enables Sync users to control their apps on their smartphone via voice.

"Customers now have so many options for accessing music and information. Ford Sync AppLink allows us to not only keep pace with what they are listening to, but how they are listening to it," Doug VanDagens, director of Ford Connected Services, said in a statement. "With its huge music library, Slacker Radio dramatically increases the content options for Ford drivers."

The app is currently available for Android and BlackBerry smartphones; an iOS app is pending approval. The apps can be downloaded at