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Slack pushes Message Buttons to make workplace chat app stickier

Collaboration app lets users execute third-party apps from within its popular messaging tool.

Slack's new Message Buttons allow users to execute third-party apps -- without leaving the workplace chat app.


Slack is trying to make it harder to leave its workplace chat app by bringing third-party apps right into your chats.

Dubbed Message Buttons, Slack's new feature introduced on Tuesday will allow users to interact with other apps without leaving the popular messaging tool that companies use to communicate and collaborate with each other. The buttons will allow Slack's 3 million users to book a flight, approve a new job posting or file an expense report -- all from within Slack.

Slack said the addition of a dozen new apps, from partners such as Trello, Kayak, and Abacus, should improve productivity and workflow by reducing time wasted switching apps. With the new feature, Slack has tall ambitions of its app becoming an indispensable tool that companies will use every day to connect with colleagues and apps.

"It will usher in a whole new world of apps built for Slack," the company said in a statement.

Other apps also available withing the new Message Buttons include Current, Kip, Greenhouse, Cyber, Qualtrics, PagerDuty, Talkdesk, Riffsy, and Talkus.