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Skype's newest feature: Mail-order brides

Skype's newest spam is an insta-wife, perfect for the lonely traveler.

OK, I've been in New York all week, meeting with customers and partners. It gets a little lonely on the road.

Imagine my surprise when Skype introduced me to its newest feature: mail-order brides! At least, I think that's what this offer was....Is Skype psychic or what?

I knew my wife for six years or so before we got married. What a drag! With Skype I can just log in, get a wife, and log out again. Who knew the lengths to which technology would go to make our lives easier?!?

All Skype needs now is to add an option for "Marry anne_04_2003" and it's feature complete.

Skype wants to set me up on a date