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Skype now supports Android Wear smartwatches

Microsoft's messaging service now works with Android Wear watches as well as the Apple Watch.

Android Wear watch owners can now use Skype, at least some of the key features. Skype

Owners of certain Android smartwatches can now tap into several features of Skype.

Released on Monday, Skype for Android version 6.4 now lets you manage your Skype conversations directly from your Android Wear smartwatch. No, you can't carry on a Skype phone call from your watch, but you can at least check your watch to see who's calling.

The launch of Skype for Android Wear smartwatches adds another app that was formerly available only for the Apple Watch. On September 17, Skype parent Microsoft rolled out an iOS app that lets you see your notifications and chat on your Apple Watch. Of course, people aren't going to choose a smartwatch based on whether or not they can run Skype. But it does give Android Wear watches one more piece of ammunition in keeping up with the Apple Watch on the app front.

Android Wear, Google's mobile OS for wearables, supports several different Android watches, including the Moto 360, the Huawei Watch, the LG Watch Urbane and the Asus ZenWatch, as well as the iPhone. Google created Android Wear in 2014 specifically for smartwatches and other wearable devices. The OS offers a simple user interface, instant notifications and the ability to perform basic tasks, such texting friends and using voice commands.

With Skype for Android Wear, you can receive notifications of new messages and directly read them on your watch, according to a Skype blog posted on Monday. You can also respond to messages from your watch by using pre-written replies, drawing on the watch or speaking your response by using the voice-to-text feature.

By monitoring your audio and video calls to see who's on the other line, you can then choose to decline the call or accept it and then take the conversation to your Android Wear phone. During a call, you can tap into your Android Wear watch to mute, pause, hang up or switch to a different incoming call.