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Skype for Windows Phone gets minor enhancements and fixes

Skype released an update today for its Windows Phone app, adding some improvements while fixing some known issues.

Skype for Windows Phone

Skype for Windows Phone received an update today that makes some minor improvements to smooth the experience for users of the VoIP service Microsoft acquired last year.

The changes to the app include enhancements to the contact list, which now displays all contacts that have at least one phone number in the list. You'll also now be able to edit a phone number using the dial-pad before making a call.

The release comes with some minor bug fixes as well. An issue that would end a Skype call if another incoming call or a calendar notification came up has been fixed. The update also fixes an issue with unsuccessful IMs, showing a "pending" indicator when the message is unable to be sent.

Acquired by Microsoft in May of last year, Skype released a beta for Windows Phone in March of this year and has updated the app regularly to bring it in line with versions already out for iOS and Android.