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Skype comes to Android 2.1 and above

The Net telephony app is now available to Android OS users running version 2.1 or later, but there may be compatibility issues with some handsets, including the Samsung Galaxy S.

Skype running on Android OS.
Skype running on Android OS. Skype

Skype calling is now available as a free download on Android-based devices, the Internet telephony company announced today.

The Skype for Android software allows users to make calls to Skype accounts, mobile phones, or landlines. Users can also send and receive text messages via the application when communicating with Skype friends. Those who want to keep all their content in one place can sync their address book with Skype. The company also said that users will be able to receive calls on their Skype online number.

But there are some limitations. For one, Skype for Android is only available to those who are running Android 2.1 or above. The company also said that Skype calls are only available to U.S. customers over Wi-Fi. Elsewhere around the world, users can place calls over both Wi-Fi and 3G.

Skype said that it has tested its software on several devices, including the HTC Desire and the Google Nexus One, but it "can't guarantee full functionality or compatibility" on other devices. In fact, the company said that it is "aware of some problems" with the Samsung Galaxy S. More significantly, Skype's record in the Android Market says it does not support the four Galaxy S phones. Skype said in a press release that it plans to address those app issues in the future.

Yesterday, Skype, which has over 560 million registered users around the world, announced that it has hired former Cisco executive Tony Bates as its new CEO. Bates will be joining the company at the end of the month.