Skydeck: An in-box for your mobile phone

The new Web service Skydeck lets you manage phone calls, voicemail, and text messages in an online in-box.

Skydeck is a useful-looking mobile message management service that creates a comfortable way to read and respond to phones calls, voicemail, and text messages from the Web. It differs from similar offerings by providing a classic in-box interface online, complete with a reading pane, folders, annotation abilities, and tagging. Skydeck also builds in a visual voicemail service operated by SpinVox so you can read your inbound messages in addition to listening to them. A search bar at the top of the page that helps you quickly find phrases and messages--including content from those transcribed voicemails.

Skydeck's in-box metaphor makes it intuitive to use. Skydeck

If you have a headset, you're conveniently able to initiate an outbound call through your computer, though to your contact, it will look like you're calling from your cell phone. Skydeck also includes a bidirectionally-synced address book that organizes contacts by how often you communicate, therefore doubling as a speed dial. Any changes you make online show up on your phone, and vice versa. Lastly, Skydeck's telephonic powers can often find phone numbers for missed or blocked calls, says Skydeck CEO Jason Devitt.

Like fellow voicemail service YouMail, Skydeck's service requires you to forward your cell phone number to Skydeck for the software to work. You'll also need to download a small client to the phone so Skydeck can sync the address book and text messages. Skydeck's voice-to-text transcription service in particular is what makes it a premium service whose pricing ranges from about $10 to $30 a month, and the price plan is what makes business users and prosumers Skydeck's target audience. To its credit, Skydeck offers a free 14-day trial for anyone who wants to test it for themselves.

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