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Sky+ Remote Record: Control your Sky+ box from anywhere

Forgot to program your Sky+ box? Remote Record lets you tell it what to do from your mobile phone, by text message or (later this summer) via the Web

We've all been there: stuck on the motorway, in the sweltering heat, hours later than you than you meant to be, sick as an overheated parrot because your favourite show is about to start. Meanwhile, your perfectly formed Sky+ box is sitting on its perfectly formed posterior, doing absolutely nothing because you forgot to program it.

Sky+ Remote Record fluffs up your feathers by letting you view Sky's seven-day electronic programme guide on your mobile phone. You can find out what's on, select a programme to record and send a message to your Sky+ box to kick it into action at the specified time. There's no charge for Sky's part of the service, but your phone network will bill you for the data transferred over GPRS or 3G.

It's also possible to send a text message to your box with details of a specific programme you want to record, and later in the summer you'll be able to access Remote Record via the Web as well. The service works with all versions of the Sky+ box, including Sky HD, so you needn't miss anything just because you're working late, out on the town or being towed home by the RAC. -ML