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Sky Player coming to Humax's Freeview HD boxes, extending dominion

The Sky Player service will come to the Humax HD-FOX T2 and DVB-T2 HD Digital Recorder in the coming months, and we're darned pleased to hear it

Sky seems to be striving to get its Sky Player service onto even more devices than the BBC's iPlayer. Subscribers will soon be able to watch live TV and on-demand video via the Humax HD-FOX T2 Freeview HD set-top box, as they can now via the Xbox 360 and PCs.

What makes this news even better is that the T2 will support iPlayer when it launches on Freeview HD at some point in the future. You'll also be able to turn the T2 into a makeshift PVR using USB memory, once Humax issues a firmware update. All this makes the T2 an increasingly attractive purchase, and it's already won our prestigious Editors' Choice award.

Sky also points out that Humax's DVB-T2 HD Digital Recorder, with a 500GB hard drive, will be supported when it arrives in the coming months.

You can either view channels that form part of your existing Sky package via Sky Player, or you can subscribe just to the Sky Player service. This makes Sky Player a good way to get Sky for people who live in buildings where it's not possible to have a satellite dish installed.

The decision to target Freeview HD boxes is interesting. While Sky Player is very good, it's not anywhere near high-definition quality yet. Could this be Sky's first move towards launching an HD service? We hope so, because offering high-quality content like this will drive demand for HD streaming over the Internet, and reduce reliance on the overcrowded airwaves.

No launch date has been set for the service to go live on the T2, but we're sure Sky won't want to drag its heels on this one.