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Sky+ gets iPhone app: Hollyoaks fans get to stay out later

Sky+ has created an iPhone app to access program guides and record your stories from wherever you are

Even if we don't yet have a hoverboard, one thing that reminds us we live in the future is the ability to control your freakin' TV from your freakin' phone. Sky has today launched a Sky+ iPhone application.

Sky+ remote control has been available on your mobile for a good while now. The iPhone app also works with the second-generation iPod touch.

Sky seems to be looking forwards with the introduction of a new interface and talk of possible 3D broadcast on the horizon. The application still needs more work, however, as many commenters have noticed a tendency for it to crash.

We'd also like to see the app turn sideways when scrolling through programme lists, as the portrait orientation is a waste of the iPhone's elegant interface. Still, we're sure it'll be improved, and it is free. So the next time you wake up face down on a complete stranger's couch of a Sunday morning, you'll be able to whip out your iPhone -- once you've located it down the back of the cushions -- to ensure that the entire Hollyoaks omnibus is waiting for you when you finally complete the Walk of Shame and collapse on your own sofa. Or maybe that's just us.