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Sky+ 2TB box heralds 7-day Catch Up TV, iPlayer integration

Sky is adding a seven-day Catch Up section to its on demand service, giving you access to ITV Player and Demand 5 from today.

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Sky is adding a seven-day Catch Up section to its on-demand service, giving Sky+ customers a place to access the week's telly from ITV Player and Demand 5, as well as a tonne of Sky programming. Click play on the video above for all the info.

If it sounds like a few key channels are missing from that line-up, you'll be glad to know that BBC iPlayer will be added this autumn. Channel 4's 4oD is coming too, but that won't arrive on Sky's Catch Up TV until early next year.

Catch Up sorts by channel, as you can see in this screenshot. Once you choose a channel to investigate, programs are sorted by most popular, by the day their aired, or by genre.

To get the new service you'll need to have activated On Demand, and your Sky box will have to be hooked up to your broadband router. Catch Up sounds good to me, and anything that makes Sky's sometimes confusing on demand offering a bit easier to navigate would be a definite plus.

Virgin Media is good for on-demand telly, and now with YouView on the scene, the competition for control of your living room is definitely hotting up.

Sky is also introducing a 2TB Sky+ HD box this week for those who love to hoard recorded movies and TV shows -- Sky reckons you'll fit up to 350 hours of HD video onto this higher-capacity device.

Finally there's a new Sky+ iPad app that will act as a second screen to your TV viewing, letting you chat about shows using a built-in Twitter function, or look up particular actors, for example. Sounds distracting to me, but perhaps you like the idea of adding that extra dimension to your viewing habits -- let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.