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Skullcandy takes MP3 fashion to the wrist

Headphone maker's music watch doesn't sacrifice good looks.


Multimedia watches have been on the market for awhile now, but most of them look like something a deep-sea diver might wear. Stylish headphone maker Skullcandy, however, has taken its considerable design expertise and applied it to the wrist instead of the ear with its "Bully" line.

We presume that the watch owes its name to its touted durability, including a non-scratch sapphire crystal and water resistance up to 100 meters. But it still seems like something of a misnomer, particularly for the pink version. It matters not: As someone famous once said, it's how you look that's important. And that it does, with diamondsand aluminum bands to accompany its 1GB MP3 player and voice recorder.

The closest design we've seen is probably the latest video wristwatch from China's Vavolo, one of several inexpensive multimedia models from Asia. But, as ChipChick notes, the Bully line comes from a proven retailer with warranties--something that could make the $200 price well worth it.