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Skivvies for your girl robot

Handmade lingerie made from recycled cans, bottles, and other materials is not so trashy after all.

This would look great on Tina Turner in "Beyond Thunderdome." Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch

It would be easy to dismiss ladies' underwear made out of recycled materials as a gimmick, and maybe it is, but it can't be denied that at least it's an attractive gimmick. Artist Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch--who is often inspired by the sort of stuff found in hardware stores--has created this line of handmade "trashy" lingerie out of recycled cans, bottles, and other materials.

I doubt they'd work for day-to-day wear, but for special green occasions--say a naughty Arbor Day Ball--they'd be a perfect way to show off your eco-friendliness.

What's great is that they're not just about the idea; indeed these salvaged unmentionables actually look good. Were I the type to wear lingerie (I'm not), these would be on my list. If I ever get out of the basement and meet a girl, perhaps I'll let her in on this line of quasi-practical lady things.

(Via InventorSpot)

Underwear from recycled materials
While we like the look of these, we can't vouch for the comfort. Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch