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SkiTech review: Mountain Hardwear ski gloves (Red Savina heated glove)

A glove that self-regulates heat? Amazing.

This SkiTech review series is meant to focus on innovative use of technology in ski gear and apparel, and one would be hard pressed to find another glove that looks like it was built in the labs of one of Silicon Valley's finest companies.

Mountain Hardwear's Red Savina Glove

If your hands have ever gotten cold while skiing (or anytime you've been out in the cold), Mountain Hardwear is coming out with an incredible ski glove. Due out in the Fall of 2008 (MSRP: $300), Mountain Hardwear's Red Savina glove offers rechargeable, self-regulating warmth for up to six hours. I and my team of reviewers spent the last two weeks evaluating the glove and give it two (warm) thumbs up.

How does it work? Before skiing you charge the gloves by plugging them into an electrical outlet. Then you go.

While skiing the glove senses how cold or warm your hands are, and offers up heat as needed.

As noted in a prior review, my hands get cold really easily, but they stayed comfortable with the Red Savina. When I needed the system to give me an added burst of warmth I just pushed the "flame" button on the gloves. Within seconds I'd feel a warm glow spreading up my fingers.

Other reviewers never needed to press the "flame" button even once, as the gloves are pretty warm without the technology. But with the added battery-powered heat source, the odds of getting cold dwindle into the ether. An excellent glove to buy for the 2008/09 ski season.

If you happen to be in Utah anytime soon, let me know and I'll let you try them out before I have to send them back to Mountain Hardwear.