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Skinny iPad 2 case puts keyboard on a diet

Add a keyboard case to your iPad 2 without completely losing its girlish figure. The Skinny weighs 10.4 ounces and offers a slim alternative to chunkier cases.

Skinny iPad keyboard case
The Skinny's light weight could make it an iPad 2 case contender. Hatch & Co.

There's an ongoing debate about how to dress up an iPad. Do you engulf it in an overly protective case or let it bare all of its naked aluminum glory? Do you sacrifice screen space for the virtual keyboard or add an external one?

You may not have to make quite so many compromises with the Skinny Keyboard Case from Hatch & Co. The manufacturer claims it's the world's slimmest iPad 2 case with a built-in keyboard.

The Skinny weighs 10.4 ounces with a Bluetooth keyboard that has keys in various shades of brown or gray. The $90 case is available in either white or black.

These aren't the chunky keys you're used to with a standard keyboard. The Skinny has a flat, spill-proof keyboarding surface, so you'll still get a bit of that virtual keyboard feeling when you use it.

You can compare the Skinny with some of the popular iPad 2 cases already on the market. The ClamCase for iPad 2 weighs 1.7 pounds while the relatively lightweight Logitech Keyboard Case comes in at 12.2 ounces and doesn't offer protection for the iPad's back.

If you fall on the case + keyboard side of the iPad protection equation, then the Skinny offers an intriguing alternative that won't completely turn your sleek machine into a chunky monkey.

Skinny iPad case close-up
Yes, it's pencil-thin. Hatch & Co.