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Skin care, Marvel style: Fight grime with Avengers beauty masks

Look like a superhero while battling dirt and pollutants with facial masks worthy of Iron Man and Captain America. Sorry Hulk, you're just too angry for beauty products.

When you cosplay with beauty masks you might look better than when you started.

Isshin-do Honpo

Nothing is worse than waking up with a crater-size zit that would make even the most evil comic book villain cringe in disgust.

Sometimes the only way to clean up your face is with the help of superpowers.

That's exactly what Japanese company Isshin-do Honpo seems to be aiming for with its new officially licensed Marvel facial masks.

The Avengers skin care pack contains an Iron Man mask and a Captain America mask, and retails for 900 yen (about $7, £5, AU$10). Sadly, there's no green Hulk mask. You'd think that one would be a no-brainer considering many face masks are green.

According to the Isshin-do Honpo website, the beauty masks are easy to put on, and use lavender, vitamins, water, glycerin, and hydrolyzed collagen to make your face feel fresh and ready for anything, even Ultron.

If you're not a superhero fan, Isshin-do Honpo also sells beauty face masks of various happy animals, a spooky skull, the classic horror monsters Frankenstein and Wolfman, traditional Japanese Kabuki masks, and even members of the metal band Kiss.

Here's hoping Isshin-do Honpo comes out with more geeky face masks. I could totally see "Star Wars" Stormtrooper helmet masks being a hit. I'm willing to go to the dark side if it means I'll have less breakouts to battle.