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Skier gets dramatic footage by tossing GoPro in the air

Commentary: Nicolas Vuignier creates what he calls The Poor Man's Selfie Drone. It's simple, but imperfect.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

And there he flies.

Nicolas Vuignier/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Drones cost a lot of money.

They also make an infernal racket.

Is there something else you can use to create astonishing footage of you doing astonishing things, so you can bore your friends over dinner?

Thank you for asking. Please let me introduce you to Nicolas Vuignier.

He cobbled together his own little device, which he just throws up into the air as he performs skiing maneuvers.

The result really isn't bad. Here is Vuignier performing acrobatic leaps, and there is his trusty manual aerial camera thing occasionally capturing it.

Once it's all put together with a little music, you have a YouTube video that's already been seen by more than 420,000 people.

He based his device on the AER, a sort of flying dart with a camera in the front. Vuignier told me he backed the AER Kickstarter. His version has the GoPro in the back, rather than the front. He needed to throw it and be able to ski in front of it.

"Doing a trick and throwing a camera at the same time is very difficult, I had to be very focused in order throw the camera first, then set the trick. All of that happens in a fraction of a second," he said.

And all you have to learn is how to throw it.

Nicolas Vuignier

Unsurprisingly, he said the shoot in Crans-Montana, Switzerland, took a lot of takes. "I shot this video during 10 days between March and April. I would get about two to three good shots per day."

Vuignier has a certain bent for the technologically unusual, yet manual. You might remember him from last year, when he created a contraption that allowed him to swing an iPhone 6 around his head on a string.

What will he do next year? Train a bird to use a camera?

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