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Sized and sliced cake

The S-XL Bundt Cake Mold ensures you can serve small to extra-large slices easily.

The S-XL Bundt Cake Mold Charles & Marie

When my family has cake, slicing it can turn into a production. My mother just wants a sliver. My cousin was the biggest slice he can talk me out of. And I just want a medium slice. The S-XL Bundt Cake Mold makes cutting all those different sizes of slices much easier. The cake pan has grooves that translate into different cake slices, making cutting the cake just a matter of lining up your knife with the lines on the top of the cake. It lays out a variety of slices, so that you can portion out pieces that will please both the folks who want thin slices and those who want extra-large pieces.

The S-XL Bundt Cake Mold is about the same size as a standard 9-inch Bundt or tube pan, with a capacity of 10 cups--which means it will hold most Bundt cake recipes. The pan is silicone and nonstick, so removing your Bundt cake should be easy. The pan is also very sturdy, especially in comparison to many of the other silicone pans on the market. Handling your cake shouldn't damage the cake. It's priced at $32--and there's a standard cake pan version also available.