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Size your burgers your way

The Adjust-A-Burger makes sizing a burger to your appetite a simple matter.

The Adjust-A-Burger Home Marketplace

Portion control can be a bit of a problem when it comes to shaping hamburger patties. I tend to recommend a patty about the size of the palm of your hand, but when my husband follows my directions, we wind up with hamburgers about double the size I would make.

The Adjust-A-Burger makes turning out hamburgers easier and even a little faster. You just set the measurement to the burger size of your choice: your options include half-pound, one-third pound, quarter-pound, and Store.

The Adjust-A-Burger can come in handy if you want to make up a big batch of hamburger patties, and it offers the added bonus of ensuring that all of your hamburger patties cook evenly. Because they're all uniformly sized, you don't need to cut into each burger to make sure it's done. Cleanup is equally simple; the Adjust-A-Burger is dishwasher safe.

There are actually two versions of the Adjust-A-Burger: the regular-size model, which is 4.5 inches in diameter, and a slider version, which is 2.75 inches in diameter. The full-size burger prep tool is priced at approximately $8, while the slider version is priced at about $7.