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Sixty-foot-high kaleidoscope yields striking video

TED touts its TEDxSummit with a unique video that shows dancers mingling in a specially built, ginormous kaleidoscope.

Constructing the giant kaleidoscope. Screenshot by Edward Moyer/CNET

Imagine creating a giant kaleidoscope -- nearly 60 feet from end to end -- and using it to make a video expressing the beauty of collaboration, brainstorming, and community.

That's exactly what branding agency We Are Pi did for the TEDxSummit, which took place recently in Doha, Qatar.

TED, of course, is the nonprofit behind the TED conferences and the TEDTalks video site, which showcase innovative thinkers and ideas from around the world.

Its TEDx program takes things to the local level, with events put together independently, on a community-by-community basis. The TEDxSummit was the first confab to bring together TEDx organizers from around the world for cross-regional idea-swapping.

As you'll see in the "making of" video below, We Are Pi drew its inspiration from this notion of cross-pollination and from the conference's Middle East setting -- marrying "the infinite geometric patterns found in Arabic art" to "the amazing things that happen when people get together." And the agency said it wanted "to make it for real -- no CGI, no computer wizardry, no fakeness."