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Sixers unleash world's largest T-shirt cannon on fans

Attending a Sixers game this season? Keep an eye out for the biggest T-shirt bazooka ever conceived.

Say hello to my little friend. @Sixers/Twitter

Whenever I attend a professional sporting event, two things seem certain: high prices and T-shirt cannons.

This basketball season, the chances of catching a flying T-shirt improved greatly for Philadelphia 76ers fans, with the debut of the world's largest T-shirt cannon.

The weapon of mass comfort, officially known as "Big Bella," weighs 600 pounds and can fire up to 100 shirts per minute. Judging by the startling straight-down-the-double-barrel picture supplied by the Sixers, the device appears somewhat similar to a jumbo Gatling gun.

The 76ers organization collaborated with entertainment company FX in Motion to create Bella, which can fire a shirt up to a hundred feet in the air. Take a peep at the video below to see several of these guns in action at the Sixers' home opener during Halloween, courtesy of