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Six video game trailers you should be watching

Six video game trailers of highly anticipated upcoming titles.

Last week we gave gamers plenty of reasons to be excited about the month of May's anticipated releases. Now we're providing video sneak peeks at some of the latest in digital interactive entertainment.

We've got the latest trailer from The Conduit, a first-person-shooter built from the ground up exclusively for the Nintendo Wii. Also for the Wii is Let's Tap, a title that offers a brand-new way of interacting with games. You control Let's Tap by doing just that, tapping right in front of your Wii remote.

The unbelievably realistic graphics in Fight Night Round 4 will simply knock you off your feet. It's by far the best-looking boxing simulator we've ever seen. Speaking of graphics, the PlayStation 3 exclusive inFamous provides plenty of drool-worthy eye candy. In the game you play as Cole, a man with the superhuman power of creating lightning. Will you use your powers for good or for evil?

Finally, two franchises from the days of the NES are back. Punch-Out!! returns with Little Mac's quest to glory as he battles new and familiar foes. Bionic Commando brings back all of the robotic arm swinging fun you had 20 years ago, with updated graphics and brand-new storyline.